SaaS platform that uses machine learning to provide real-time malfunction detection and failure prediction for leading automotive manufacturers.

The story so far

Born out of the world-renowned engineering laboratories at the University of Waterloo, Acerta was created to augment technical knowledge of automotive systems with data science and machine learning, uncovering actionable insights from vehicle and production data.

Co-founded by Greta Cutulenco, Acerta was built after years of her experience in the automotive industry with a goal to transform automotive quality by supporting the entire product life cycle, from the assembly line to the finish line. Greta spent years working for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 manufactures, and handled system analysis and health monitoring at Bombardier and Magna. At AECL (nuclear), she analyzed security vulnerabilities as a systems engineer.

Acerta helps automakers get complex products to market faster, more efficiently, and with fewer defects by amplifying domain knowledge with artificial intelligence to locate the earliest indicators of future product failures. For fleets and autonomous vehicles, Acerta's advanced vehicle health solutions pinpoint and predict failures before they happen, ensuring maximum utilization and efficiency of assets through their in-service life.





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Greta Cutulenco

Greta Cutulenco is the co-founder and CEO of Acerta. Greta is a natural leader with extensive knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. She spent years working for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers in various positions. At Bombardier and Magna she handled system analysis and health monitoring, and at AECL (nuclear) she analyzed security vulnerabilities as a systems engineer. Greta is well versed in the automatic analysis of data for testing and anomaly detection; the topic was even the focus of her M.Sc. Research, University of Waterloo.

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