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Calling early stage founders

Every founder has a story. Tell us yours. We invest in Series A-C, with an average investment of $5M-25M US.

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We’re thesis obsessed

Deep expertise and strong, well-established networks. Our goal is to know your industry as well as you do.

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Whether it’s our in-house Chief Medical Officer, executives at global healthcare organizations or industry leaders in global infrastructure, when you join the family, you have access to the world’s top talent.

OMERS Ventures

When we first made our investment in Hopper, the business model was very different than it is today. And since that time, Hopper has gone on to build out additional services critical to serve the evolving needs of travellers, like insurance and financing options, which have become a driving force for revenue and profit. This constant evolution of the business has led to a number of follow-on raises for Hopper. Fred’s commitment to analyzing data means he is always improving the consumer experience, and driving profits through new and innovative revenue streams. Under Fred’s stewardship, Hopper has grown into a $1 billion business, and has a lot more runway for continued growth -- particularly given that travel is the 3rd largest sector globally after oil and ecommerce. Hopper is part of the evolution of the industry, as consumers demand more control and flexibility, and companies like Hopper that put consumers in the driver’s seat.